What is an inventory?

A list of contents of the furniture, fixtures and fittings within the property to be let, (including gardens and outhouses) and the condition of each item.

A professional inventory is the fundamental yardstick of a tenancy agreement in relation to the property’s contents, fixtures and fittings. Forming the basis upon which dilapidations are assessed at tenancy end and impacts on the perceived loss of value / deposit return.

An inventory will prevent disputes between landlord and tenant over lost or damaged items and will help property value retention.

How it works

At onset of a tenancy, prior to the move in, an inventory is compiled, the document produced will read easily and contain photographs for item recognition and any specific damage.

A check in procedure is then completed with the incoming tenant, whereby the inventory document is walked through, the tenant agreeing the content. During this process changes to the document may be made by the inventory clerk if deemed necessary.

At tenancy end the clerk will revisit the property (check out) and again will walk through the inventory and note and photograph any differences, damages that have appeared since check in. All these dilapidations are assessed by the clerk as either wear and tear or a liability to the outgoing tenant.

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R.E.S. are members of both the Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) and the Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP).

Inventory Example