We’re ready for take-off

Chit Chat has an exciting announcement and we wanted you to be amongst the first to hear it.

Marc has recently qualified as a drone pilot, and so we can now offer aerial photography and Ultra HD filming to our customers as part of our already comprehensive range of services.

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Pilot qualification

At the weekend, Marc travelled to Berwick to take the final part of his examination and gained his ‘certificate of pilot competency’, and is currently awaiting his permission from the Civil Aviation Authority to operate commercially.

You’ve probably heard a lot about drones recently, and they’re big news. Sales have soared (if you pardon the pun), but it means anyone can walk in off the street and fly one without any knowledge of the law, consideration for neighbours and important safety issues.

Safety is number one

And while it may sound grandiose to be talking about being a ‘pilot’, it’s a very serious business to be up in the sky where safety is an absolute priority. The education received and the tools we use are the very same ones used by pilots of manned civilian and military aircraft.

We have been through rigorous training by ex-RAF pilots to learn about the weather, airspace, health, airmanship, safety and legislation so we can operate a safe, compliant service.

Did you know?

Did you know that it’s illegal to fly a drone over a large crowd, or within 50m of a person? Did you know that the sky is full of restricted areas, danger zones and unseen hazards?  Did you also know that is illegal for a company to pay someone for photography and film from a drone operator who doesn’t have permission from the CAA?

Our qualification comes after months of practice, paperwork and testing, and we handle safety, regulations and getting permissions.

And now we’re ready for take-off.

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So what can YOU use a drone for? Aerial imagery offers a new dimension to media and marketing campaigns. Stills offer an insight into your business that ordinary pictures can’t capture. Filming from above makes your videos more engaging and interesting.
Your press releases, marketing materials and website can all benefit from head-turning shots from this new angle.

Not only do we have the ability to take pictures at high resolution and film in Ultra HD, but Marc is also an experienced press and PR photographer and the drone offers an extension to what we already do for our customers. We can provide drone footage as part of a promotional video for example.

We already take great pictures. Now we can take great pictures from the air too.

So if you’d like to book a flight with Chit Chat, email marc@chitchat.scot and rise above your competition.