Sponsorship – brands team up for great rewards

Forres Area Soccer 7sChit Chat PR is now the proud sponsor of the Forres Area Soccer 7s and it was a move that was a no brainer for us.

We are a new business and our PR is just as important to us as our clients’ is and sponsoring an event, team, business, even a person can be a great, economical way of getting your brand out there. It’s tried and tested – believe us, it works as a PR and marketing strategy.

Sponsorship deals can be worth millions

For example at the peak of his career, David Beckham signed an endorsement deal with Adidas that saw the sportswear company pay him $160 million, with half of that sum paid up front.

But becoming a sponsor is not just for the big players with loads of cash to splash. Getting involved in a local event of some kind can be worth its weight in gold and it doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Here are Chit Chat’s reasons for why sponsorship in the right place can make sense and be good PR and how your business or brand could reap the benefits by investing.

  • Gets you in the limelight: Being the sponsor of an event gives you a noticeable edge over your competition. It gets your brand out there and adds to your credibility. Just becoming a sponsor in itself can lead to media coverage which alone could be worth more than the equivalent advertising value, and has so much more impact than an ad.
  • Audience: You have to make sure you are sponsoring the right event, group, person etc. We are lucky in PR as we are so versatile in who we can help with our services. Our sponsorship deal puts us in front of hundreds of parents of the young players week-in week-out during the soccer season. Most of these people will work for companies or have their own businesses who may one day need our PR or marketing services. Or they may know people who do and our name sticks in their mind. They are all potential clients, customers and influencers.
  • Cheap as chips: Well it’s not quite as cheap as chips, but in our view it’s a better and more efficient way to spend money than say traditional means of advertising which can be pricey. There have been loads of events going on in and around Moray and the Highlands where sponsorship deals can start from as little as £50 right up to £10,000. The options are endless and there really is something for everyone’s budgets if you know where to look
  • That fuzzy feeling: The type of event we have chosen to sponsor is maybe not traditional for our line of work. You could argue that we would have been better sponsoring a one-off corporate conference where we would have had the spotlight on us in front of hundreds of businesses. However, whilst there may be some weight in that, it would not have left us with a smile on our faces. Between us, the Chit Chat directors have five kids. We live in a small community and we like to think we are heavily involved in that community. This was another way for us to support our local area and do something positive for some young people, and a club who in our eyes are doing something positive too. Ahhhh!