How we increased traffic to our client’s website… by 946%!

Looking at the analytics of a client recently, we did a year-on-year comparison with the same period 12 months ago to see how traffic had improved.

Bearing in mind that, rolling back a year, we weren’t known to our client, and in fact, Chit Chat didn’t even exist. Our client had a website which they knew wasn’t performing well.

We’re not talking about a website they’d built themselves, or through an online site builder, this was a professionally designed website with a bill to match.

However, the client wasn’t happy with it. Not least for the fact that it wasn’t generating any enquiries, but there was no clear call-to-action, the pages didn’t hold sufficient information, and you had to visit several pages before finding anything worth reading.

Jumpstarting the website

We weren’t impressed either! When the company engaged us, we set about redesigning their website, but more importantly, we set about generating visibility through search engines, traffic through marketing campaigns and conversions through enquiry forms.

A Google Analytics graph shows ten-fold increase in visits
A Google Analytics graph shows ten-fold increase in visits

The results were astounding. As you can see from the chart, we have produced more than a ten-fold increase in visits and an eight-fold increase in users.

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Healthy numbers – but is a downturn in pages per session a bad thing? Not in this case
Healthy numbers – but is a downturn in pages per session a bad thing? Not in this case

As you can imagine the client is delighted, but all that traffic is worthless without enquiries, but we’re pleased to add that enquiries are also up from zero a year ago. Given that each enquiry is for a product and service worth between £5000 and £20,000, and potentially more, getting around ten enquiries a month directly through the website has been a great boost for the company.

Looking closer at the data reveals that pages per session is substantially down. As a statistic, this is flagged as a drop against last year’s figures, and marked in red as a result.

Interpreting the numbers

Remember that I said you had to visit several pages to find anything worth reading. Well, we fixed that by writing relevant copy and placing it on appropriate pages. That means you find the information you need quicker. There’s no value in having a higher pages per session statistic if it’s a result of people fishing around to find something. In our mind, the drop in this stat was a positive.

Had there been no enquiries, it would have been impossible to justify the drop as an improvement, but given that enquiries were and are rolling in week-by-week, it is a clear indicator that the process of informing people and calling them to action was working.

More importantly it demonstrates as a whole that websites are the tool that generates the enquiry, but it is equally important to send people to the website that are likely to enquire. We did that by prequalifying traffic through search and social media.

So if you’d like an upturn in traffic that converts, get in touch with us. We can’t guarantee that it will be ten-fold, but if it’s more, we’ll write about you too.

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