My leg 3Our very own PR guru is at the centre of her own ‘breaking news’ story this week after snapping her Achilles tendon.

For Chit Chat PR & Digital director Claire, who is normally pounding the streets GETTING the stories, the boot is now on the other foot!

And so it will be for about eight weeks since her left leg is now in plaster up to her knee after the incident during a badminton game.

However, not one to miss an opportunity and always thinking PR, Claire had the doctors at A&E make up her stookie in corporate colours.

Claire said: “We specialise in crisis management at Chit Chat PR and this for me is a bit of a headache, however always looking for an opportunity to make the best of a situation, I decided to get my cast done in the Chit Chat colours of blue and orange. I’m always on the lookout for ideas for publicity for our clients, this time, I used our skills for our business.”

Neither was she going to let it get in the way of her workload. Eager to get back on the streets, albeit with a little less pounding, Claire met her diary commitments without batting an eyelid.

She added: “Joking aside, our clients are obviously very important to us, we don’t want to leave them in limb-o, so with a few tweaks to the diary we will make sure our customers are still well looked after.”