Beyond the workshop

Social media workshop
Start with a chart – group workshops help to explain what’s possible with social media, but to differentiate yourself from competitors you’ll need to separate yourself from the crowd.

At Chit Chat, it’s safe to say that a lot of our work involves social media. But that doesn’t mean our work revolves around it. There are a lot of extremely important things to get right in digital marketing, and ergo a lot of things to get wrong.

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But there’s no doubt it has grasped everybody where it matters and you’ll have to have lived under a rock for a considerable time for it not to have touched your life, business or personal, in one way or another, even if you were once one of those conscientious objectors we come across from time to time.

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Many people start their social media journey at a group workshop, and these are great places to see the whole gamut of opportunity that it offers. Generally you will learn the fundamentals of how social networks work, sharing, engaging, starting conversations, trending topics and getting people to like you. Brill. They’re often free or relatively cheap.

We don’t do workshops at Chit Chat, we work on a one-to-one basis with clients to develop a content marketing strategy that revolves around the unique selling points of each individual business. We get close to your business models and goals, and then help you create content that your audience responds to. You can’t do that in a workshop.

Content marketing

Most new clients come with pre-conceived ideas about what content marketing is, and what social media can do for them.

Content marketing is not blogging, and digital marketing is not just tweeting and Facebook.

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Workshops can be exciting. There’s so much to take in. It’s like a fairground with lots of rides, fun and excitement.

It all feels great, but once you’ve got off the twister and chucked all your balls at the coconuts, it’s time to get back to normality. Your business.

However in the cold light of day, the buzz has gone and your balloon has gone all wrinkly. And quite frankly you still need help to turn engagement into business.

Moving up a gear

Workshops only take you so far, and if the reality leaves you with more questions than answers, it’s time for some one-to-one.

The hype that surrounds social media makes it sound easy. It’s not. It’s a small part of an overall marketing campaign, consisting of value, content and reach, and workshop trainers should be clearer about that, because judging by the people we get through our doors, businesses are focussing far too much on social ‘in a silo’.

We see clients at all levels of ability, some really savvy, but we start with a blank piece of paper, and work out a complete marketing and publicity plan, nearly always using social media, but never exclusively, and often there’s a lot of work to be done before getting to the ‘social’.

We use the piece of paper because it allows us to start at the point that fits the client best. It isn’t totally blank, it has some very poignant questions, and we get you to fill in the blanks. It’s not a test, but it’s amazing how much clarity it brings to expectations and results.

We know that’s what your business needs. And because we charge you for our advice, we make sure you get advice that works.