BBC – Binary Brand Confusion?

bbc three logo
Confused? you will be. BBC Three ushers in the digital age with a logo… in binary!

Assuming you haven’t seen it already, what do you think this is?

I’ll save you the pain. It’s the new logo for BBC Three. Yup, The BBC have gone all Roman numerals for their brand shake-up. Or have they?

The new logo, revealed recently received criticism from the public for not looking anything like a three.

And it doesn’t. If it hadn’t adorned this news story about itself (BBC Three confuses the internet with Snapchat-inspired BBCII! logo), I would never gave guessed.

Even their head of marketing said it didn’t. She predicted the backlash and said she wasn’t worried. Adding that it’s ‘bold’ and ‘something that looks forward’.

Apparently it is supposed to usher in the digital age.

Ah! That’s it. It’s not Roman numerals at all. It appears to be binary. Yes, 11 in binary equals three in decimal. And an exclamation mark because BBC3 is so rad.

Very clever. But like a joke that needs explaining it’s a bit too obtuse, even for the bright 16–34-year-olds the channel is aimed at. And quite frankly, anyone ushering in a digital age for that age group in 2016 is a tad late.

Very symbolic, but not very friendly unless of course you count in ones and zeros. But then it is supposed to be bold, so let’s just call it ‘The Channel Previously Known As BBC Three’.

Or you could watch this, and revel in the irony…