Cablecomb™ - Dressing Cables Made Simple

Designed to assist in the cable dressing of communications cabling to exceptionally high standards by untrained engineers, Cablecomb™ products allow the exceptional to become the norm.

Made from the highest quality materials - Cablecomb™ products are engineered using the latest CNC Technology, using 2.5mm solid brass and guaranteed for life. Manufactured to exacting standards our products are designed to provide trouble free life-long results consistently.

The Cablecomb™

Cablecomb™, born from a simple concept by a group dedicated to the cabling industry. The idea, simple in design, provides a wealth of advantages to the cabling installation sector.


How Cablecomb™ Works

The cablecomb is designed to help dress looms of cables to an exceptionally high standard by untrained personnel, just by following the basic instructions.


See Cablecomb™ In Action

Take a look at our Gallery of images that clearly shows Cablecomb™ in action with Category 5E & Category 6 Network Cabling Installations using 16, 24, 32 & 48 Way Cablecomb™ products.


The Cable comb
How It Works
See Cablecomb in action